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2023 Show - Our Judges were

Mrs Lynda Adams top

Mrs Adams

Judging: German Shorthaired Pointer

I’ve been involved with dogs since 1984 partaking in agility with a Weimaraner and soon after that progressed to the world of showing. I have achieved a number of successes over the years, gaining Show Champions and Champions in Weimaraners, GSPs, Pointers and Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds and I am currently campaigning the Top Slovakian Rough Haired pointer in the UK. I award CCs in Weimaraner, GSP, Pointer and Hungarian Viszla and am really looking forward to judging one of my favourite breeds at this great show.

Mrs Angela Aylett top

Mrs Aylett

Judging: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

I started showing about 23 years ago due to my daughter telling me to give it a try! At the time I had a little Long coat called Shadow and my god she was my shadow she was only about 4 lb. I’m sure she thought she was a Doberman as she would always bark at all the big dogs. After a while we decided to buy a smooth coat Chihuahua and, with the help of Dorothy Entwistle and again Leanne, we mated our smooth coat Chihuahua Lara. She had 4 babies and I ended up keeping 3 of the 2 boys George and Flake and one girl called Lady. I then got the showing bug! When they were 6 months they all did well in the show ring with Lady becoming a champion at 13 months, George got his J.W and Flake winning 1cc and gaining his stud book number. I went on breeding and showing until 2021 when I had to stop for health reasons but still like to judge now and again. I am very much looking forward to judging at Paignton this year.

Mrs Rachel Barney top

Mrs Craig

Judging: Basset Hound, Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand), Deerhound

I have been involved in the world of dog shows since the late 1970s when my mother bred her first litter of Weimaraners & between us we made up 2 Show Champions & 1 Full Champion. I acquired my first Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund in 1981 & I have owned/bred 8 champions, plus several other CC winners. I have also owned a Champion Welsh Terrier. I now own Irish Red & White Setters & co-own & campaigned a dog who became the breeds youngest Show Champion & the first American bred champion, & he was the top CC winning male in the breed for 3 consecutive years. I also own his daughter who became a Show Champion in 11 days which I believe is a record for the breed as well. I judge the Hound Group At Championship show level & am passed to award CCs in 15 hound breeds, 5 gundog breeds & 1 terrier. I am very much looking forward to judging at Paignton this year.

Mrs Linda Biss top

Mrs Biss

Judging: Chinese Crested

I first started showing at 12 years of age going to the local Exemption shows with my family dogs. I moved on to open shows and the odd championship show when I was 15. I showed a couple for Bernese Mountain Dogs in the 80’s and had loads of fun travelling to Championship shows and a few local open shows. As a Birthday present from Antony Bongiovanni in the 90’s I was given my first Chinese Crested from the Blandora kennel, within 4 months there was another 2, as I was hooked on the breed!! I’ve made up a few champions and had studbook numbers in Chinese Cresteds. I’ve been on the Chinese Crested Dog Club committee since 2000 and currently serving as the secretary. I’m looking forward to judging this show.

Mrs Bridgette Bodle top

Mrs Craig

Judging: Working Group, Finnish Lapphund

I began judging in 1993, firstly just gundogs but after I acquired my first Leonberger in 2004 I started to judge the working breeds. I am now approved to award CC’s in 22 breeds in the Working Pastoral and Gundog groups plus I am approved to judge the Working group itself at Championship show level. I have been lucky enough to judge in such places as Latvia, Holland and in Russia where I had the experience of judging some breeds not currently exhibited in the U.K. In my own breed I have made up 5 champions and I was fortunate enough to own the dog who currently holds the record as the youngest Leonberger to gain a JW at 9 months and 9 days and who is also the youngest male Leonberger to win a CC at just 8 months and 3 weeks.

Mrs C Craig top

Mrs Craig

Judging: Samoyed

I first fell in love with the Samoyed at only 1 year old, I told my family that I would show my big fluffy white dog at Crufts one day, I was lucky enough to do that in 2000 and much more than I ever dreamed possible in the years since. I got my first Samoyed in 1996 and added a second in 1999, by then I had begun to enjoy showing and training them for obedience as my male had a very big personality, together we achieved the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award. Another two Samoyeds joined the family and I bred my first litter under the Samoravich affix in 2005. I began judging the Samoyed in 2001 and since then have judged at several Samoyed Speciality shows, Open and General Championship shows in the UK. I was very honoured to be invited to judge at the World Samoyed Meeting in Slovakia in 2022, including Best in Show. We currently have seven Samoyeds who live as part of our family, which include imports from Estonia and Australia, as well as our co-owned girl in Estonia. Three of our dogs are multi-titled including World Winner and International Champion titles. We were delighted to be able to compete in the Eukanuba Champion Stakes Finals in 2015 having only competed in the qualifying rounds once, following this we hot footed to Samoyed of the Year where we won the SOTY title for the second time with our boy and 4th place with our girl under International breed specialists. Our latest home bred Champion gained his title in 2022. I believe that as breeders and judges it is our responsibility to maintain and keep the most distinguishing features of the Samoyed as close to the breed standard as possible, to remember the purpose they were used and bred for, and to produce happy, all round family members whilst still maintaining their abilities, instincts and be fit for function. Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge Samoyeds at Paignton and District Championship Show 2023.

Mrs Caroline Friend-Rees top

Caroline Friend-Rees

Judging: KC Breeders Competition, All Special Beginners Groups

Caroline began her interest in dogs as a 12-year-old child showing the family’s West Highland White Terriers going on to win the UK Junior Handling Association Finals in 1985. She later handled and owned Dobermanns to their Champion titles. In 2001 Caroline met her late husband and they continued to show their Dobermann’s and Siberian Huskies but decided to put their main emphasis into the Siberians. Even though the kennel is mainly small numerically with the dogs being pets and family members first and foremost, to date they have owned/bred 22 Champions and many more CC winners. Some of the many achievements include, Top Breeder, Top Siberian Husky, Top Brood, Top Stud and Top Puppy, Best of Breed at Crufts, Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts as well as winning groups, Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show at both breed Club Championship Shows and General Championship Shows in the UK. Caroline has been involved in the world of showing dogs for the past 41 years and awarded her first set of CC’s in 2010. She is currently passed to award CC’s in 16 breeds across the Hound, Pastoral and Working Groups as well as judging the Working Group at Championship Shows. She has judged most breeds all over the UK but has also judged in Europe and Barbados. For many years Caroline has been a member of the UK Kennel Club. Caroline is Secretary of the West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship Show and is also a committee member of The Rottweiler Club of Wales and The Welsh Corgi Club.

Mrs Irene Glen top

Caroline Friend-Rees

Judging: Bracco Italiano, American Cocker, Irish Water Spaniel, Welsh Springer

Irene first started showing in the 1970’s with her initial interest in Hounds, showing both Afghans & Whippets. Her first Gundog breed was GSP’s, both showing and working the breed. Over the years she has had great success in GSP’s owning and breeding Show Champions as well as winning the CC at Crufts on three separate occasions with home bred dogs. GWP’s have also been owned and shown as have Cocker Spaniels with her partner David Shields. Maybe her greatest success to date has been in Italian Spinone. Irene first had Spinone in the early days of the breed in the UK but it has been more recently, along with her great friends, Sue and Sally Knowles under the Bessalone prefix, they have owned and bred many Show Champions including the current breed record holder. Irene’s judging career started in the early 1990’s with her awarding her first set of CC’s in 2004. She is now passed to award tickets to 15 breeds in the Gundog Group as well as judging the Group at Championship Show level. Irene is very much looking forward to judging at Paignton this year.

Mr David Guy top

David Guy

Judging: Toy Group

David obtained his first show dog in 1971 a German Shepherd who was also trained for obedience. In the early 80s David campaigned two Schipperkes to their title. David then turned his attention to Griffons who have been his main breed since. There have been 29 UK Donzeata Griffon champions with numerous overseas champions. Donzeata Griffons have achieved major wins including two Best in Show winners at General Championship Show level, Top Bitch of all time, Top Stud Dog in the history of the breed. The Donzeata kennel only ever houses around six Griffons. Jointly with his partner Stuart Plane (Stuane Scottish Terriers) David has also bred two Toy Poodle Champions. David has handled several Scottish Terriers to achieve major successes including Group Wins. David’s judging career started at open show level in 1976 and he awarded CCs for the first time in 1985. David is passed to judge breeds across the Toy, Terrier and Utility Groups as well as being passed to judge both the Toy Group & Terrier Groups plus Best In Show at Championship show level. David regularly judges in the Uk and has travelled to several different countries to fulfil judging appointments including the World Shows and European Winners Shows. David has judged several times at Crufts in previous years. David is currently a Director of The Kennel Club and serves on the Kennel Club Judges Committee, Crufts Committee and The Kennel Club Gallery & Library panel. In addition to his KC duties David is secretary of Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd and Chairman of United Kingdom Toy Dog Society.

Mrs Aidine Howes top

Aidine Howes

Judging: Large Munsterlander

I have a life long association with dogs, A Border Collie was my first, when married I was introduced to a GSD. Together with Mick our first choice was an Irish Setter followed by another and later Pointers, all under the Medogold Affix. As our love of showing grew, Cocker Spaniels and Welsh Springer Spaniels followed. Pointers became our main breed with many becoming Show Champions. I have been an officer of several canine societies including Hon.Secretary of a breed club, I am passed by the KC to judge the Gundog Group and award CCs in 12 gundog breeds: Cocker Spaniels, English Setters, Golden Retrievers, Gordon Setters, Irish Setters, Irish R/W Setters, Italian Spinone, Large Munsterlanders, Nova Scotia DTR, Pointers, Welsh Springer Spaniels and Weimaraners. We have enjoyed a total involvement of over 50 years of showing, breeding and Judging, enjoying every minute.

Mrs Christine John top

Christine John

Judging: Newfoundland

Chris has been involved in the world of dogs for very many years, originally in German Shepherds, but for the past 40 years in Alaskan Malamutes, and her Cristakell kennel is now one of the oldest active Malamute kennels in the UK. Chris awards CC’s in Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Newfoundlands and Norwegian Buhunds and enjoys judging at all levels. She judged Malamutes at Crufts in 2015 and has judged breed specialties all over Europe and Scandinavia. Chris not only enjoys the world of judging and showing, she is also closely involved in many other aspects of the canine world. She has judged, worked and trained in obedience, is a Good Citizen Scheme examiner approved to Gold Level, and carries out canine event assessments for the Kennel Club as long-standing Field Officer.

Mrs Linda King top

Linda King

Judging: Irish Setter

I have owned and shown my Irish Setters since 1974 and first awarded CC’s in 1994 . I had the honour of judging Bitches at Crufts in 2010. I also award CC’s in Gordon Setters and Irish Red & White Setters. I have never been a prolific breeder but with my husband Steve,I have owned/bred 14 Show Champions in the UK and one in New Zealand. Sh Ch Kirkavagh Zabara was not only a successful show dog, winning 9 CC’s and the Gundog Group at WELKS in 1997 but also top Brood Bitch ALL Breeds (Dog World) in 2001, she also produced four Show Champions in one litter. One of her daughters Sh Ch Kirkavagh Kooyonga was Top Irish Setter (Dog World) in 2001 and won BIS at Setter & Pointer Ch Show in 2001 and 2002. Six generations of bitches in a direct line of descent from my first Show Champion have gained their titles. I have now retired from showing and breeding, preferring to try to give something back to the world of show dogs, from which I have taken so much pleasure. I have been the Treasurer of the ISAE since 2013 and a committee member since 2003. I am looking forward to judging my beautiful breed again at Paignton.

Mr Stuart Mallard top

Stuart Mallard

Judging: All Veteran Groups

Stuart has been involved with the canine world at all levels since the 60s as an exhibitor/ breeder and served on various committees and wrote ‘ In Perspective The Old English Sheepdog’. He has owned Bichon Frise, Beagles, Bouvier Des Flandres, OES, and Tibetan Terriers. Making up Champions in four of these breeds. He made up the first British Bouvier Champion and the one onetime record holding Tibetan Terrier. He lived in the Netherlands for several years where he maintained his involvement with the dog world exhibiting successfully and judging through much of Europe. Stuart first awarded CC at Blackpool in 1974 and now awards CCs in over 80 breeds and is approved to judge the Hound, pastoral, Utility, Toy and Working groups plus BIS at championship level. He first judged at Crufts in 1993 and has been privileged to judge the pastoral and working groups in 2007-8 respectively and the great honour to judge BIS at Crufts in 2023. Notable wins include BIS at The LKA, the herders honden (pastoral group) at the Winners Amsterdam and winning the first CC on offer at Crufts under the late Bobby James in 1988. He has judged extensively around the world, throughout Europe and Scandinavia, Australia, Hong Kong, Kenya, New Zealand, Singapore. South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago. He has been privileged to judge at Paignton on numerous occasions and looks forward immensely to their forthcoming show

Mr Tom Mather top

Tom Mather

Judging: All Veteran Groups

Tom started showing dogs as a schoolboy in the 1960s. He judged his first championship show in 1978 and is now approved to judge approximately 80 breeds across all 7 groups. Tom first judged Shetland Sheepdogs in 1988 and subsequently passed the KC Judges Development Exam with a credit in 2015. He tells us that he is really looking forward to judging the breed at cc level for the first time at Paignton.

Mrs Jenny Miller top

Jenny Miller

Judging: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

I started in dogs with an obedience crossbreed when I was 11 years and did quite nicely. Next came a GSD, brought for my birthday to do Obedience, started me showing and after a big win the bug bit. After meeting my late husband, who already had an interest in English Springer Spaniels, we went into breeding and showing ESS under the Feorlig affix with 16 UK ShChs with many others aboard. Skye Terriers came next and at present the kennel has bred 9 champions. I have also bred Papillons from which my daughter and son in law have breed numerous champions along with other toy breeds. I started judging in 1974 have bred numerous breeds in all groups. I award CCs in 49 breeds, 29 in Gundogs, 12 in Terriers, 3 in Toys and Pastoral 1 in Utility and Working. I can judge three Groups and BIS at General Championship Show. The dog world has taken me across the world from Barbados to Africa and Europe to Australia. I have had many happy years judging for Paignton and am honoured again to be judging there again in 2023.

Mrs J Munro & Mr C Munro top

Mrs J & Mr C Munro

Judging: Belgian Shepherds Groenendael and Tervueren respectively

Colin and I have been married for nearly forty eight years and live in the North East of Scotland. As a child living on a farm, my first interest was in Border Collies, attending trials and agricultural shows. When we married, we moved to Edinburgh, and jobs in the Police and Teaching took over, returning to rural Angus in the 1990’s. Colin had always taken an interest in Belgian Shepherd dogs, and our first Groenendael bitch became our first Show Champion. Over the years we showed, bred and began to judge the four varieties of our beautiful breed, and owned the Breed Record Holder in Groenendael bitches for a few years. Colin began awarding CC’s in 2016, judging BIS at the BSDA of GB Club Ch. Show in 2022, and I was approved in 2019, and have now judged three varieties at Championship level. We have and continue to enjoy judging at numerous Open Shows around the country. We now own two of the four varieties, our newest addition being a grey Tervueren male. We have exhibited our Belgian Shepherd dogs many times at Paignton, a lovely show, and look forward to returning for the great privilege of judging there.

Mr Tan Nagrecha top

Mr Nagrecha

Judging: Pastoral Group, Alaskan Malamute, Portuguese Water Dog

Tan has been showing dogs for over 30 years and has made up over 40 champions in 6 breeds with his main breed being St Bernard’s. He has won around 50 plus groups in 5 different breeds at championship shows, including 3 all breed bis and about 6 RBIS. Tan has been passed by the KC to give CCs in 18 breeds over three groups. He is also approved to judge the working group, pastoral group and best in show at champ show level.

Mr Matthew Oddie top

Mr Matthew Oddie

Judging: English Springer Spaniel

I have been involved in dogs for the past 17 years. When younger I wasn’t allowed dogs at home so being as passionate as I am I had to find other ways to get involved. I was lucky enough to work for two professional handlers for a short time where I learnt a lot and following that started handling dogs for other people. I became very close to my mentor Lesley Crawley of Ragus terrier fame who I owe so much to and over time I was offered a separate interest in the affix and owned many champions in partnership with Lesley. We had multiple group wins, one being at Crufts in 2012. During this time I had always loved Pointers. Through help from people I respect very much in the breed I started showing other people’s Pointers and having lots of success. Over time when I moved into my own home I finally got my own Pointers and decided to get my own affix named Riowood. I then met my wife/mother in law who own the Sharnphilly Pointer/Weimaraner affix. We now work as a team and have had lots of success in the breed making up many champions. I have also owned/bred Champions in Dachshunds. I am approved to awards CCs across the Gundog, Hound and Terrier groups in my main breeds. I’m passionate about all breeds and dogs in general. I am the General Manager for the worlds only weekly canine newspaper, OUR DOGS and I currently sit on The Pointer Club Committee as their Chairman. I have been lucky enough to judge Club Shows in both Finland and Hungary. I’m very much looking forward to judging English Springers, one of my favourite Gundog breeds, at Paignton this year. I would like to thank the committee of this very well run show for the invitation.

Mrs Nina Parker-Miles top

Mrs Nina Parker-Miles

Judging: Curly Coated Retriever

I have a lifelong association with dogs and have owned CCR’s for the past 42 years, they say that once you own a curly that you will always have one in your life, and this has certainly been true for me. My first curly was a male liver who was rescued from Bath Dogs Home in 1981, he wasn’t a great example of the breed, but I enjoyed competing in local shows and had great success in the Junior Handling classes at Championship Shows. Some of my greatest achievements have been in handling the breed for others, making up champions in both dogs and bitches, piloting a liver dog to win the gundog group at WKC in 2008 and the most recent success being last year when I handled a liver bitch to top winning bitch in the breed. In the past I have bred a few select litters that resulted in two overseas champions before taking a break from the show ring whilst my children were young. My twelve-year-old son is now following in my footsteps and regularly competes in the breed with his young bitch and the curly community have been very supportive of him. I have been judging Curly Coated Retrievers since the 90’s, judging other gundog breeds at open show level, and awarding CCs in the breed since 2014 and had the pleasure of judging the breed speciality in Finland in 2019.I also reside on the committee for the Curly Coated Retriever Club and another local Canine Society. I’m very much looking forward to my appointment judging the Curly Coated Retrievers at Paignton and District Fanciers Association, having been exhibiting at the show since the 1980’s!

Mrs M Sargent top

Mrs M Sargent

Judging: Catalan Sheepdog, Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

I really jumped in the deep end with my initiation into dog showing. After visiting my sister in Canada, I fell in love with the Akita. Returning home to find there were none registered over here, my next job was to import one. Once she arrived, and completed her six months quarantine, I was persuaded to show her. She did really well, considering I had no idea what I was doing! Other people then also imported them, and we competed in rare breed classes for 10 years. 1990 was quite pivotal for me, the breed had challenge certificates for the first time, our import from America was the first UK Akita Champion, he went BIS all breeds, the first Akita to do this, and I had the privilege of award Challenge Certificates in the same year. Other breeds have also been in my kennel, Dobermanns, Norfolk Terrier & Wheatens to name a few. Gradually I was asked to judge other breeds at Open Level, and these turned into CC appointments. I am currently passed for BIS, 3 Groups, and around 50 breeds covering all groups, which I feel is some achievement. Judging has taken me various paths across the world, the furthest being Australia. I am also very involved behind the scenes, currently on various committees, holding the post of Secretary, Treasurer and I am also BEC for a couple of breeds. I have always enjoyed judging at Paignton. I find the show really friendly, and the committee hard working, and always trying to put the exhibitor first. Looking forward to it.

Mrs Claire Sharp top

Claire Sharp

Judging: Cocker Spaniel

I have been showing dogs since 1983 when I began Junior Handling my parent’s GSP. I was given my first dog as a gift - a GWP - when I was 13 years old and made him into a Full Champion with 6 Challenge Certificates and a Field Trial win. I stayed active in GWP's for 27 years breeding many CC and Field Trial/Working Test award winners. I have also co-owned a Full Champion GSP and have bred several Italian Spinone Show Champions including the breed’s youngest ever title holder, current breed record holder, youngest ever JW holder, the only spinone to win BIS at a group Championship Show and was top breeder in 2017/18 despite not breeding prolifically. My first ever judging appointment was in 1999 and my first time judging Cocker Spaniels was in 2004. I’ve not only admired the cocker spaniel at shows but I’ve also been privileged to watch them work alongside my own dogs on various shoots over the years. Blissfully married to husband Lee and I’ve got three children who refuse to leave home

Mr D Shields top

D Shields

Judging: Australian Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, Scottish Terrier

David first started showing in 1971, judged his first show in 1978 and awarded his first set of CC’s in 1987. He has had much success in the show ring with Cocker Spaniels, German Shorthaired Pointers and Border Terriers, breeding and owning numerous Show Champions and CC winners in all three breeds. It is the breeds in the Gundog and Terrier Groups that he has mostly concentrated on with regard to his judging career and now awards CC’s to 38 breeds across the two groups as well as judging both groups at Championship level and has had the pleasure of judging both the Gundog and Terrier Group for us at Paignton. His highlights of judging include Crufts, Cocker Spaniels back in 2008 and Border Terriers this year. Judging in many countries across Europe including at the World Dog Show in Milan, the Stockholm International and Helsinki Winners. He also had the honour of judging all the Terrier breeds and the group at last years Royal Brisbane Show in Australia. David is very much looking forward to judging his Terrier breeds at Paignton this year.

Mrs Nicola Spencer top

N Spencer

Judging: Dachshund (Mini Wirehaired), Kooikerhondje, Greyhound

Involved in exhibiting and breeding for just over 40 years, I'm probably best known as a partner in my family's Bannonbrig Spinone Kennel which achieved Champions in numerous countries and the Top Breeder Award for several years. Most recently I've been showing in the Jack and Parson Russell Terrier rings. I have owned Dachshunds for almost 30 years and have just started showing our new Miniature Smooth puppy. My passion for Hounds initially grew out of my involvement with my Great Aunt and late Uncle's Bunnyridge Whippets. When I was too small to manage our family Irish Setters I would compete with their Whippets in Junior Handling and travel with them to Breed Club Shows. I commenced judging in the late 1980s, first awarded CCs in 1999 (currently passed for 9 breeds) and have judged at Crufts and overseas. I am a breed seminar presenter and judges mentor for two of my breeds maintaining an avid interest in education across all groups and a broad spectrum of breeds. I am delighted and honoured to be judging at Paignton for the first time.

Mr Christine Watson top

Christine Watson

Judging: Norwegian Buhund, Greenland Dog, St Bernard, Coton De Tulear, Field Spaniel, Sussex Spaniel, Spanish Water Dog, Japanese Spitz

I started showing in the UK in 1981. First with Dobermanns and then Kerry Blue Terriers, but my family had Terriers since 1960s. I have bred and owned many champions in both breeds. I am pleased to say my dogs have won many Groups and BIS including Top Dog in the breed and qualified for many finals of stakes classes in the UK. I have owned a world winner, who went on to sire many Champions including a world show group winner. I was a member of many breed clubs in the UK and proud to be a committee member of my breed club for many years. I have stewarded for many years in the UK. I have handled both in the UK and Europe with success. I started my judging in the UK in 1994 and have judged all over the UK. I am now passed for a number of CC breeds in the UK. I moved in 2000 with my family to Cyprus and was happy to be made so welcome. I first started to assist as a steward at the Cyprus Kennel Club, which I really enjoyed, and later passed their tests and exams to become a judge. This was enjoyable and great to do. I have judged in many many European countries and I judged for the first time in Australia recently. I am always happy and honoured to receive any judging appointment and look forward to each show to see new dogs and new people. I am passed to judged FCI groups 2,3,4,5 6 and 9 with CACIB and group 6 with CAC or national CCs. I have judged all over Europe and visited many Asian countries and judged on most continents. I am very much looking forward to judging at Paignton this year.

Mr Shaun Watson top

Shaun Watson

Judging: Best In Show

I joined the Army in 1971 and was stationed in various countries serving for 7 years. I later joined the Police in London where I served for 25 years. My grandfather was breeding Scottish Terriers in the 1940s and 1950s. He bred and showed dogs, even sending some to the USA for shows. I bought my first dog, a German Shepherd, when I was in Germany. In 1978 I bought a Doberman, which I first saw when living in Germany, as I returned to the UK. I started to show dogs in 1980 and continued showing until I moved to Cyprus, where I still handled until I became a judge for Cyprus. My own breed were Dobermanns and Kerry Blue Terriers, but I was a handler for a number of different breeds and I have had numerous Champions. One of my best wins being Best In show with over 17,000 dogs entered. I have shown at Crufts for over 25 years with many wins including Best of Breed and have owned, bred or handled many champions in the UK and across the world. I was involved in Martial Arts for many years and have run major International competitions as the organiser and head referee for Tae Kwon Do and have acted as referee in many places around the world including Korea, the headquarters of TKD. I started judging in 1989 in the UK and awarded CC’s for the first time in 1996. I have now been passed to judge almost 30 breeds at CC level, the Terrier group and Best In Show in the UK. I have been a member and committee member of a number of breed/show clubs. I was previously Chairman of a Kerry Blue breed club and chairman of the Breed council while in the UK. Since moving to Cyprus, I became a member of The Cyprus Kennel Club. I am now licensed to judge for the FCI at all breed and all groups and BIS. I have judged FCI groups and Best in Show at national and International shows many many times, and have judged have BIS on five continents. I have judged at many big AND small shows throughout the world and enjoy them all. I was pleased and honoured to judge at Crufts in 2015. I look forward to each new judging appointment and enjoy seeing and meeting people and maybe more importantly seeing dogs!

Mr Rob Wheeler top

Rob Wheeler

Judging: Whippet

Whippets have been in my family, ever since I was a small child but it was only in my 30’s I decided to get one for myself, although never destined as a show dog, was a much loved pet. Having initially got my first show dog in the form of an Italian Greyhound, who was my first Champion, I was lucky enough to get my first show whippet from the Courthill Kennel, who also became my first Ch whippet. I have had the fortune to make up 7 Champion whippets and I am currently showing the top puppy and top hound puppy from 2022. This will be my 3rd U.K. Whippet appointment, at my first appointment, my best of breed went on to Reserve Best in Show which was very exciting. I very much look forward to judging at Paignton 2023, as a Southern boy through and through, it will be super to head south in the height of the U.K. summer

Mrs Marina White top

Penny Williams

Judging: Border Collie, Beagle

Marina has been showing and handling dogs for 30 years and she started in the junior handling ring, winning the Scottish, British and World junior handling titles. In 2011, she won the Coventry Ladies KS’ UK Adult Handler of the Year title becoming the first ever handler to win both junior and adult titles. She has made up Champions in the UK in Border Collies and Dalmatians and has won CCs in these breeds and across Beagles, Basset Fauve De Bretagnes, Afghans, Siberian Huskies and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. Marina is qualified to award CC's in Beagles, Border Collies, Finnish Lapphunds, Bearded Collies, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Newfoundlands , Siberian Huskies. As well as a judge and an exhibitor/owner, Marina has also spent many years on the other side of the ring; as commentator at Crufts for the past 7 years and as main ring speaker/commentator at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam, European Dog Show in Norway and the Eukanuba World Challenge events at the Amsterdam Winners' Show. Marina also spent six years as Assistant Editor at Dog World newspaper and was presenter of the Around The Dog World TV programmes for Horse & Country TV. She is very excited and honoured to be judging two of her specialist breeds at Paignton in 2023, a show she has exhibited at for over 20 years.

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